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Stephen’s passion for music was inspired by his father. Mel Rew loved playing his vast collection of tapes for his children, especially in Ireland when they didn't own a television. Mel was often a song leader at the small, a cappella mission field churches in Ireland and Holland where the Rew family worshipped (a role Stephen would emulate years later).

Stephen was born in New Jersey, but the family moved to Ireland when he was eight years old. He grew up singing four-part harmonies in church, which taught him how harmonies work together to create music.  He learned to love rock music while living in Europe at the peak of the British Invasion music during the late 60’s and early 70’s and enjoyed playing drums to all those great songs. He moved back to the US in 1973 to finish high school in Georgia. Stephen chose to attend Auburn University because of its respected aerospace engineering program. It’s also where his father had graduated from college after utilizing his GI Bill as a WWII veteran. While in college, Steve married Debbie and they've enjoyed sharing life together for 38 years.

Because the Rew family traveled extensively and lived overseas, Stephen had the opportunity to fly, visit other cultures, hear a wide variety of music, and learn different languages. When he was just nine years old, Stephen took his first flight and made the decision to become a pilot. After graduating with an aerospace engineering degree and completing Air Force ROTC, he received his commission as a Second Lieutenant and went to pilot training at Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma. Stephen flew the C-141 Starlifter at McGuire AFB, New Jersey and Altus AFB, Oklahoma during his seven years of active duty. He served another seven years in the C-141 Reserve unit at Norton AFB, California, and was also hired as a commercial airline pilot. In 1991 Stephen was called back to Active Duty as a Captain on the Starlifter. After serving 14 total years in the Air Force, he was honorably discharged as a Major. 

Stephen considers the most important roles of his life to be a follower of Christ, father to his son and daughter (now adults) and a loving husband. He has felt it a privilege to serve the churches he’s attended as a teacher, deacon, and worship leader. Stephen served in relief efforts after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake and has returned twice in the last few years and continues to support Lifeline Christian Mission. Known by his friends as a passionate and fun-loving man, Stephen enjoys teaching, acting, and singing – which he is liable to do on the spur of any moment!


2018 Nominee for Song of the Year: Hold on Tight
2018 Nominee for Songwriter of the Year
2016 Nominee for Inspirational Country Song of the Year:  I Want My Country Back
2015 Top 10 Music Evangelist of the Year
, Inspirational Country Music Association
2014 Top 10 New Artist of the Year
, Inspirational Country Music Association

Most of Stephen's recorded songs have charted in the Top 20 of Power Source Music Nashville chart and Christian Music Weekly Charts. The majority have made the Top 10 or Top 5 and three went to #1 on Christian Music Weekly.

Steve and Debbie live in the Colorado mountains.



Steve in Tent City He Helped Design & Build                   Steve Delivers Layettes, Prays Over Babies
       Grand Guave, Haiti -- Jan. 2010                                      Grand Guave, Haiti -- Aug. 2013

Earthquake Relief for Lifeline Christian Mission                            3rd Mission Trip to Haiti