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REDEMPTION ROAD - New Radio Release - Aug. 2019


Get your hands to clapping and feet to dancing! Celebrate the way on REDEMPTION ROAD! Stephen's new song is being released to radio on Aug. 12, 2019. Here is the press description of this energetic song: 

Redemption Road is an up-tempo Christian country song in the vein of neotraditional country music and country rock, fusing muscular guitar and honkytonk piano stylings with the smooth, easy-to-sing-along-with vocals performed by artist Stephen Rew. Written by Rew and producer Robert Jason, “Redemption Road” clocks in at a radio-friendly 3:23 and offers listeners a joyful testimony about the search for abiding peace and a celebration of the journey toward eternal life that will make them want to dance, sing, and share the good news. 

Stephen Rew’s last single, Hold on Tight was nominated for ICMA 2018 Song of the Year and he was a Songwriter of the Year nominee. His previous releases include: Watchin’ Demons Scatter, Superman, and I Want My Country Back among others. Redemption Road is a fun, energetic song that will put a big grin on your face!


Presenting at the ICMA Awards in the Grand Ole' Opry


Stephen was an award presenter at the 2019 Inspirational Country Music Awards Show at the Grand Ole' Opry on April 4, 2019. He and Jayne Carter, another nominee, gave the "Behind the Scenes" award. It was a fun, memorable evening for the nominees, performers, and the audience. Go to for the list of winners. See more photos below.



Performing at the Historic Franklin Theater



Stephen performed at the historic Franklin Theater in Franklin, TN at the Inspirational Country Music Association's (ICMA) Showcase Concert on April 2, 2019. A variety of artists sang two songs each to the ticketed show. This was part of the ICMA Convention Week which culminates in the Award Show at the Grand Ole' Opry on April 4th. 


Stephen Rew Nominated for 2018 ICMA Awards


The Inspirational Country Music Association (ICMA) announced nominations for the 2018 awards. The award show will be April 4 at the Grand Ole' Opry in Nashville, TN. Stephen Rew is nominated for Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year - Hold on Tight. The organization also asked Stephen to perform at the Tuesday night ICMA  Showcase Concert April 2 at the Franklin Theater and to present an award during the Award Show on the 4th. Stephen is very honored to be included with such talented artists and songwriters! 


Songs Are Now Streaming!


Both EP's (Watchin' Demons Scatter" and "Everyday Heroes") are streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and ITunes. If you are a streamer, please merrily, merrily stream away! This is a new experiment for Stephen. He wants to know if streaming really works for independent artists. We welcome your feedback!


Watchin' Demons Scatter 5th in Nation in 2017 on CMW!


Watchin' Demons Scatter reached #1 on Christian Music Weekly and #5 on Power Source 
Music Nashville.
In 2018 we learned that the song was #5 for all of 2017 on Christian Music Weekly. We thank the radio stations that kept this song in rotation for so long (almost a year) and for the kind comments such as, "This is our favorite song we've heard this year in Christian Country Music!"


"Superman" Charts at #1 and Top 10


Stephen's original song Superman charted at #1 for two weeks in early fall of 2016 on Christian Music Weekly and rose to #9 on the Power Source Music Nashville Chart in February 2017. The song is included on the newest EP titled Watchin' Demons Scatter. 


"I Want My Country Back" Nominated for ICMA Song of the Year


I Want My Country Back has been nominated for Inspirational Country Song of the Year in the Inspirational Country Music Association! The song stayed on the Power Source Music Nashville chart for 10 months, peaking at #5 in March 2016. Stephen Rew recorded the song for an EP in October 2014, then released an edited version to Christian Country radio in August 2015. Diana Williams is the songwriter. The Top 10 nominee category will be voted down to a Top 5 in August and the third round of voting will determine the winning song. Winners will be announced at the annual Inspirational Country Music Awards in Nashville on October 27th.


New Release: Superman - Charting!


Stephen Rew's new original song, Superman, was released to radio in late July and is already at #13 on Christian Music Weekly and is the #1 Hottest Ad and a Biggest Mover on Christian Radio Weekly. The dynamic melody and cleverly-written lyrics in Superman will inspire us to clap our hands in celebration of the world's true Superman, but lead us to kneel humbly as we realize the power He provides. The ending line surprises and captures our hearts! Stephen was a nominee for 2014 New Artist of the Year and 2015 Music Evangelist of the Year in the Inspirational Country Music Association.                                                                                                   


"Another Hero is Headed Home" on CRW Radio Charts for Weeks!


Another Hero is Headed Home has been on the CRW+ Add Charts for Christian Radio since April 2016! The song was #1 on the Hottest Adds and various other charts published byi CRW. It continues to be in the Top 5 of certains charts on June 20. Here is an example:


Rank Song Info.
1 Stephen Rew / Another Hero Is Headed Home
2 Mary Phillips & Ken Townshend / Amazing Grace
2 Dan Francis / No Other Name
2 Bev Foster / Spirit Branded


Releasing to Christian & Gospel Radio ... for Our Heroes


The song that launched Stephen Rew's music ministry is being released to Christian and Gospel stations in April 2016. Another Hero is Headed Home is a moving tribute to our everyday heroes. Stephen was inspired to write the chorus after his father died. A few years later, while hearing the final testimony of a spiritual mentor who had been a firefighter, God gave the rest of the words and melody to Stephen within minutes. You can read about Stephen's amazing journey with this song HERE.    


"I Want My Country Back" #5 on Power Source in March!


I Want My Country Back peaks at #5 on the Power Source Inspirational Country Chart in March 2015. This song about traditional American Values and music has been on this chart for 8 months! The message is clearly resonating with listeners. 


#1 Song at Christian Music Weekly!


I Want My Country Back is THE #1 Song at Christian Music Weekly on Dec. 16th!  Prayers of thanksgiving go Up and out to radio, listeners and supporters. You have helped make this possible! The song also continues to climb the Power Source chart at #30 this month. Stephen is thankful to songwriter Diana Williams for trusting him to record her song. You can read more of his comments at the Stephen Rew Music Facebook Page. What a Christmas gift!


2015 Inspirational Country Music Awards


Stephen performed at the 2015 Inspirational Country Music Awards week in Gallatin, TN on October 19th. The three days were filled with spiritually uplifting concerts, classes, and worship experiences. Reconnecting with the members of ICMA was fun and rewarding. Stephen asked True Heart (winners of Duo of the Year) to add harmony to the chorus of a new song he's written. Hopefully the song can be recorded soon! 


Top 10 Music Evangelist of the Year Nomination!


July 30, 2015 the Inspirational Country Music Association announced the nominees in the first round of voting for the 2015 Inspirational Country Music Awards to be held in October 2015. Stephen was voted into the Top 10 Music Evangelist of the Year category -- a complete surprise! Last year, he was in the Top 10 New Artist of the Year, but did not make it to the final round. 2014 was his first year as a member of the Nashville association. He's very honored to be voted into the Music Evangelist category by the members. What an unexpected blessing! 


4th Radio Release: "I Want My Country Back"


Stephen's 4th radio release, "I Want My Country Back" is out to Christian/Inspirational Country Radio Stations in July 2015! He sang the first version of this song at the Inspirational Country Music Awards Membership Breakfast in November 2014 when the entire crowd stood up, raised their hands, and sang the last chorus. (Watch the video HERE.) 

The song was shortened for radio. This upbeat tune honors traditional country music and reminds us: "It's not about the boots that you wear, it's about the roots of where you come from." The catchy lyrics and music were written by Stephen's songwriter friend, Diana Williams. The DJ's are excited to play this song, even as "It's About to Rain" still climbs the chart. Listen to the full song in the store. 


Ward Conference Photos



The Ward, AL Conference was a special day! We'll tell more about it in the next post, but here are a few photos from the Stephen Rew Facebook Page. There are also videos on the Stephen Rew Music YouTube Channel. They will be added over the next week or two. 

Conference Photos


God Connections Lead to South Alabama Seminar on Legacy - April 25th

Stephen Rew's imagination can't compete with God's wildest plans. Only God can dream up the crazy connections in life such as the one leading Stephen to speak and perform in Ward, Alabama on April 25th. Never heard of Ward? Most people haven't. In fact, Diane Parten (co-host on A Christian Talk of the Town tv program), is the first person Stephen has randomly met that has heard of the tiny town where his father grew up. But that is just the beginning....
Stephen met Diane during ICM Week 2014 because his booth was across the aisle from the ladies of" A Christian Talk of the Town." After days of fun bantering and hearing Rew perform and speak at the ICM Members Breakfast, the ladies invited him on the tv show. Parten asked Stephen if he'd be interested in speaking for her organization, "A Heart Connection." The first follow-up emails revealed:  1) Ralph, Diane's husband, is from Cuba, AL -- just down the road from Ward and, 2) Diane and Ralph lived in Cuba for several years and knew "some Rews."  Were they releated to Stephen? Of course they were!  Stephen thought that was all very cool, but the next email was incredible. Ralph's mother taught Stephen's Dad in first grade! And, Ralph dated Stephen's first cousin while in high school. Later, they learned that Ralph and Stephen are actually distant cousins.
Both the Partens and the Rews realized immediately that this was more than a casual connection. God put them together for a reason. When Stephen explained that his first radio song, "Another Hero is Headed Home" is dedicated to his Dad and that the song talks about the importance of a faith legacy, Diane said, "We've got to do a conference down there. I do a Ladies Conference every year in Cuba. Let's put one together!" One of Diane's best friends in Cuba is Wanda Rew and she suggested they bring the conference all the way back to Stephen's roots. The result:  Stephen will speak and sing at the Ward Baptist Church starting at 10:00 am on April 25th. There will be additional entertainment by Jimmy Edward Rew, Stephen's first cousin. The church will put up historical photographs and utilize information on the Rew family from the Ward Museum. There will be an old fashioned Dinner on the Grounds. 
The title is, of course:  Legacy.
Only God can put people together in such a powerful testimony to Him.

Songs Climb Higher!


It's an honor to see that the two songs playing on Christian Country Radio have climbed higher on the Power Source Music Chart! "The Day the Thunder Called My Name" is now at #9 and "It's About to Rain" moved up to # 67 in  April. Thank you to the DJ's playing these songs on radio and for the listeners who request them!


Two Songs Charting



Two songs are on the chart in March! The Day the Thunder Called My Name is at #12 and It's About to Rain entered at #97. It's amusing to see that Stephen's name is just above Carrie Underwood's on the Power Source Inspirational Country Music Chart. He's had several radio interview requests this month and has been asked to provide 10 one minute ministry spots for one new Christian Country Music station in Nashville. We'll let you know when those come out! He's also booked for a conference in Alabama in April. You'll definitely hear more about this special opportunity in the coming weeks. 


Thundering to #14


The Day the Thunder Called My Name is at #14 on the Power Source Inspirational Country Music Chart for February. The song was released to radio in August and quickly climbed the chart. It received a boost when Stephen performed it live at the Inspirational Country Music Awards showcase concert at The Nashville Palace. Thank you to the DJ's and Listeners for playing and requesting this song!  



New Year Update


Happy New Year and God's Blessings to You in 2015!

Thank you for your encouragement in 2014. It was a whirlwind year for Stephen Rew's music. Just in the last six months of the year he was nominated as a Top 10 New Artist of the Year in the Inspirational Country Music Association, saw his first two recorded songs climb to the top of the charts, and was the featured speaker/entertainer at the Inspirational Country Music Association Membership Breakfast in Nashville on November 12th. Wow! He has been amazed and humbled by this journey that God has led. 

After going through six weeks of training on his job during December and January, Stephen expects his 2015 schedule to be more open and he can hopefully add more speaking, teaching and singing engagements. It's About to Rain was so popular at the awards show in November that it's being released to radio this month. Listen for it on Christian Country radio stations around the world! Your requests always help the music get heard. This song has a wonderful foot-stomping message about redemption using the story of Elijah.

Please consider signing up for our E-mail list. We don't send out many, but you'll find out if there are new songs or bookings in your area. We'd love to hear from you anytime!



Debut EP Album Out Nov. 4th




Everyday Heroes is the name of the debut EP coming out Nov. 4th. It will feature Stephen's three original singles, plus one new song called I Want My Country Back. CD's will be available through this website and downloads will be in our store, plus on the digital partner sites (CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes, and others.) All the songs either honor the heroes in our lives or encourage us to be heroes to those around us. 


Fall Festival Performance


Steve was an energetic hit at the Foothills Elementary Fall Festival in Lakewood, CO on Oct. 26th. He moved out into the crowd to sing and dance. The little goblins running around didn't deter their parents and grandparents from moving to the music!



Stephen to be Host/Speaker for ICM Member Breakfast


Stephen is honored to be the host and speaker/entertainer for the Member Breakfast at the 2014 Inspirational Country Music Association Award Show/Convention. Prayers are appreciated!


Muddy Buck Performance


A few of Stephen's friends took photos of his first performance at The Muddy Buck in historic Evergreen, CO on Friday, Sept. 5th. Teacher and friend, Joe Bye, invited Steve to sing as an opener to his show. While you are checking out the photos, please "like" the Stephen Rew Music facebook page! Stephen Rew Music Facebook Album Videos are on the Video Page and YouTube.





"Another Hero is Headed Home" reaches #21


Stephen's first radio release, Another Hero is Headed Home, has reached #21 on

how this song continues to inspire and touch listeners.  the Power Source Inspirational Country Music chart for August. He is humbled and amazed at h


Bible Teaching Video Samples


We have uploaded a few Bible Teaching Samples to the Video Page. They are from a class Steve taught on Daniel. The clips serve the purpose of showing some of his teaching styles, plus they are inspirational talks we hope will encourage you.


Stephen Nominated for New Artist of the Year


Stephen has just received a Top 10 New Artist of the Year nomination from the Inspirational Country Music Association ( He is honored and humbled. What an amazing year this has been! If he can go on to be nominated in the Top 5 category it will certainly help develop this music/evangelistic ministry. Prayers are appreciated!


Another Hero at #24


Another Hero is Headed Home has moved up to #24 on the Inspirational Country Music Chart (PowerSource) this month. This is amazing for a new artist with his first recorded single. Wouldn't it be cool if it makes the Top 20 in July? We can only give credit where it is due -- Above.