Mission:  Share the Message of the Music                              2015 Inspirational Country Music Awards Week Concert

My goal is to enlighten people's lives by writing and performing songs that can bring insight and inspiration. I believe music is a powerful force that transcends language and cultural barriers. It can enrich our souls, change our hearts, and give us a different perspective. It can bring love, honor, respect, motivation and praise. Music is also just a fun way to celebrate life! I hope my songs will help us do all of these things as we seek to please God and encourage others.

EPK Short Bio:

Growing up in Europe and traveling the world has given Stephen a unique insight and appreciation for different cultures, people and music. His talent developed naturally as he learned and applied his skills in church a capella worship settings, and played his drums to hours of 60's and 70's rock music on albums and radio. Prior to recording his first song (Another Hero is Headed Home), Stephen's experiences included: teaching, speaking, performing comedy routines, acting and serving as a worship leader. He's played a leading role in a few musicals. Stephen is a Top 10 Nominee for 2016 Inspirational Country Music Song of the Year (I Want My Country Back) and he was a nominee for 2014 New Artist of the Year  and 2015 Music Evangelist of the Year from the Inspirational Country Music Association. All four songs released to radio have charted in the Top 40 on various Christian Country music charts. In December 2015 I Want My Country Back reached #1 at Christian Music Weekly and  #5 on Power Source in March 2016. Superman went to #1 and # 4, and "Watchin' Demons Scatter"  reached #1 twice on CMW  and Top 5 on PSMN. The latest release, Hold on Tight, is currently being added to radio playlists in 2018.


During his careers as both a USAF C-141 pilot and an airline pilot, Stephen has experienced enough to fill the chapters of a very interesting book! The military years took him on missions to rescue Americans, provide humanitarian aid and medical relief, and transport US troops around the world. As an airline pilot, Stephen has flown globally. Having been involved in humanitarian relief efforts, Stephen felt he could serve the suffering people of Haiti after the disastrous 2010 earthquake. By nothing short of a miracle, he and his son were able to get into Haiti 10 days after the quake. Stephen has amazing stories to share about those weeks working alongside the Haitian people. He has returned to Haiti twice and continues to support mission work in Haiti.  (For more information, see bio page.)

Accomplishments:     (2018 ICMA Awards on April 4, 2019 at Grand Ole' Opry)
2018 Top 10 Songwriter of the Year
2018 Top 10 Song of the Year (Hold on
2016 Top 10 Inspirational Country Song of the Year (I Want My Country Back), ICMA
2015 Top 10 Music Evangelist of the Year, Inspirational Country Music Association
2014 Top 10 New Artist of the Year, Inspirational Country Music Association



It was with great pleasure that I accepted the role of Producer/Arranger on Stephen Rew's wonderful song “Superman.” I first heard it with Stephen singing “a cappella.” Even without instruments, the song spoke to me. There is strength, tenderness, and most of all, humanity in Stephen’s lyrics. He is a focused songwriter, humble before his God, presenting his songs as testimony. I look forward to further collaborations with Stephen, and pray all who hear Stephen’s music will be as moved as I.
Robert Jason, Producer

Stephen Rew is a fun, spirited songwriter with heart for the Kingdom of God. His music is inspiring and his passion is heart-gripping.
                                                                                  Mo Howard, DJ - R&R Radio KWBY 107.9/98.5

What a treat to work with an artist who is discovering his voice both in songwriting and performing! I am proud to be a part of Stephen's creative journey and to watch him touch fans and change lives with his heartfelt songs. And this is only the beginning!
Kim Copeland, Producer (Kim Copeland Productions, Nashville)

Stephen Rew brings a fresh new sound to Christian Country music! If you haven't heard his latest song, "It's About to Rain", call your favorite radio station and ask them to put this song in rotation. Great stuff!"

Marty Smith, Host of Today's Cross Country and Heaven's Country

Another Hero Is Headed Home just hit # 8 on our top 30 singles this week. It looks to be headed for the top based on our requests for the song. You ARE a blessing!Drop the flaps...increase thrust& keep 'em straight & level, Bro!! Looks like you're on base & turning for final approach on this one!

Mike Isbell, Music Director, KBUB-FM Radio, Brownsville, TX



Stephen is available to sing/entertain or speak and teach. He can also combine these talents and give inspirational or motivational programs.  Stephen sings a variety of musical styles to convey messages suitable for his audiences.Please contact us at:


Industry Professionals, please send email with your contact info to: stephenrewmusic@gmail.com and we will call you back! Thank you for your interest!



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