"Watchin' Demons Scatter" Earns Top 20 Recognition in 24th Annual USA Songwriting Competition

"Watchin' Demons Scatter," written by Stephen Rew and Corey Lee Barker, placed in the Top 20 Country in the 2019 USA Songwriting Competition. Rew and Barker are both happy to see recognition for the message in this song. The finalists are listed here, or on the USA Songwriting website:

Top 20 Honorable Mention 2019  USA Songwriting Competition


"Rebel Boy & Church Girl" by Vanessa Selwyn & James Hoppe
"It's All About Showing Up" by Tarryn Aimée Smith & Steve Dean
"Watching' You Be You" by Dale Pommer, Mark Barnowski & Corey Lee Barker
"Good Things Are Comin'" by Adam Daniels (Highbarger) & Corey Lee Barker
"Watchin' Demons Scatter" by Stephen Rew & Corey Lee Barker
"We Made It" by Jeff Roe, Ryan Griffin, Jason Duke & Selby Copeland
"Bonafide" by Neal Morgan & Steven Anderson
"She Was Everything" by Matt Rogers, Greg Barnhill, Stan Karcz & Heath Deloach
"Ain't That What Living Is?" by MaryBeth Stone & Bonnie Warren
"Nothing Between Us" by Brett Gillan, Matt Houston & Jessie