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Mission:  Share the Message of the Music                               
My goal is to enlighten people's lives by writing and performing songs that can bring insight and inspiration. I believe music is a powerful force that transcends language and cultural barriers. It can enrich our souls, change our hearts, and give us a different perspective. It can bring love, honor, respect, motivation, and praise. Music is also just a fun way to celebrate life! I hope my songs will help us do all of these things as we seek to please God and encourage others. 

EPK Short Bio: 

Growing up in Europe and traveling the world has given Stephen Rew a unique insight and appreciation for different cultures, people, and music. His talent developed naturally as he learned and applied his skills in acapella worship settings and played his drums to hours of 60's and 70's rock music on albums and radio. Prior to recording his first song, "Another Hero is Headed Home," Rew's experiences included teaching, speaking, performing comedy routines, acting, and serving as a worship leader. He has also played leading roles in several church musicals.  

During his careers as both a USAF C-141 pilot and an airline pilot, Rew has experienced enough to fill the chapters of a very interesting book! His military service has taken him on missions to rescue Americans, provide humanitarian aid and medical relief, and transport US troops around the world, and his airline career has taken him around the globe. Having been involved in humanitarian relief efforts, Rew felt he could serve the people of Haiti after the disastrous 2010 earthquake. By nothing short of a miracle, he and his son were able to get into Haiti 10 days after the quake. He has amazing stories to share about those weeks working alongside the Haitian people. He has returned to Haiti multiple times since then, and continues to support Lifeline Christian Mission's ongoing work in Haiti.

Inspirational Country Music Association (ICMA) Award Nominations:
2018 Top 10 Songwriter of the Year 
2018 Top 10 Song of the Year ("Hold on Tight") 
2016 Top 10 Inspirational Country Song of the Year ("I Want My Country Back") 
2015 Top 10 Music Evangelist of the Year 
2014 Top 10 New Artist of the Year

Music Videos

Visit the Stephen Rew Music YOU TUBE CHANNEL for the most recent videos in three sections: Songs (Live Performances), Speaking, and Just for Fun.

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Stephen Rew

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